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Barry Brooks durable at
Mon Dec 2 13:27:31 MST 2002

>...But how do you move away from an energy
> and productive system on which billions of lives directly or indirectly
> depend? Unless we find a way to address this issue, to think thru this
> dilemma, then we cannot call ourselves practical socialist, we are mere
> day-dreamers peddling quack nostrums about photovoltaics or other
> delusionary 'alternatives' or we are in complete denial and are avoiding the
> central issue that confronts our times and our beliefs. This is the issue of
> how to effect the transition away from the petroleate society. It is a
> central issue because if we fail to do this then we abandon any form of
> meaningful politics and future history will be written between people
> Islamic fundamentalists and their mirror-inverses, the political
> fundamentalists now in power in Washington. They at least understand what
> the fight is really all about: who controls world energy.
> My second thought is that we should avoid utopian schemes and concentrate on
> building parties and viable political coalitions in the here and now.
> Mark

How can we move away without schemes?  It's not easy to know which schemes
are utopian when so many things are involved in our system.  The lack of
alternative large scale power doesn't mean that it is impossible to change.

One part of that change which is overlooked it the possible reduction of
consumption without hardship achieved by stabilizing population, the use of
efficiency, the use of durability and recycling, etc.  Our present level of
energy demand is much greater than would be necessary in a steady-state

With reduced demand other energy sources become a real choice.  With
population stability and the use of extended durability inheritance
could provide many of our needs without need for much production, and
without much consumption.  We could coast.

When we build an organization without a utopian scheme what do we have?  If
we succeed even our own politicians will not see how we can move away from
the consumer economy.

By the way, the goal of making jobs for everyone is not utopian, merly
unwise and the main reason people can't see any way out of hyper-consumption.


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