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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Dec 2 14:31:09 MST 2002

A while back, after my last fiasco with a submission to a scholarly
print journal, I resolved never to go that route again. Not only does it
save me and my victim unpleasantries, it also allows me to concentrate
on writing for email lists, especially Marxmail. Not only don't I have
to feel strait-jacketed by the standards of scholarly journals (I can
never remember how to do a footnote properly), it allows me to roam all
over the map intellectually. This either qualifies me as a Gramscian
organic intellectual or the world's biggest dilettante. Take your pick.

Visits to the Marxmail archives have increased by about 400 percent over
the past two years or so. So have visits to my own collection of
articles at my Columbia University website. Last week there were 3,570
visits to my articles--of that, 1,026 were to the culture section. I
guess everybody loves film reviews.

Sometimes I wonder who all those people are.  About 15 minutes ago, I
found out. I got a call out of the blue from a graduate student at a
Fine Arts School in Mississippi. He wanted to confirm some sources that
I used in a piece on Jackson Pollock, which is being cited in a paper he
is working on. He asked me if I was a professor. Nope, I replied. Just a
computer programmer. But, he said, you refer to yourself occasionally as
Head of the Hydrophonics Department. Just I joke, I confessed. It sounds
impressive, but all it means is water-talk.


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