The killing of Angelo Tsakos and police powers

Derek Mortimer d.tmort at
Mon Dec 2 17:17:31 MST 2002

The proposed increase in NSW police powers on the pretext of preventing
terrorism is yet a further turning of the screw of oppression against
ordinary people that starts on the streets and continues into the political
and civil liberties arena.

A reminder of how fundamental this oppression is is contained in a book
launched on 11 November, A Mother's Story. The 11th was the 17th anniversary
of the police killing of 16-year-old Angelo Tsakos, a youth from a working
class Greek immigrant family in the outer Sydney suburb of Blacktown.
Angelo's mother, Demetra Tsakos, spent those 17 years fighting for justice.
She didn't get it. The book is well worth reading for its chronicling of
this struggle. The support she received came only from the workers'
movement, friends, and a few lawyers. She said at one stage that because she
was working class, a woman and a wog, the authorities thought they could do
what they liked with her ­ they were wrong.

The book is available from:
Demetra Tsakos, 66 Bungaribee Rd
Blacktown     NSW     2148
Tel 02 9920 9521

$25 plus $2.45 postage. (cheques or money orders)

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