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Lou Paulsen wrote:
Air travel.  This is very problematic.  Probably two thirds of it
is just
business people going to meetings in different cities because
they prefer air
travel to conference calls.  All this can be cut out in the first
week after
the revolution, probably.  As for personal air travel, it may be
impermissible luxury.

Ben comments:
What about airships? Although the Hindenburg may have dented
their popularity, the possibility of using helium instead of
hydrogen vastly reduces the risk I believe. They would also burn
far less fossil fuels especially if existing air currents could
be utilised.

I don't know a lot about the potential or limitations of
airships, I'm mainly attracted by an old Michael Moorcock science
fiction book "The Warlord of the Air" about an alternative 20th
century. But it's a nice idea!
I imagine violent weather and weight/size ratios are the main
problems to solve.

A search for "airships" on google brings up a range of websites,
one interesting one is a company "Cargolifter" which is
unfortunately going into liquidation, but here's a description of
one of their airships:

CL 160 application areas

The CL 160 is capable of transporting goods up to 160 tons in
weight and with a volume of 50m x 8m x 8m. The most important
industries in the project business are mechanical engineering and
plant engineering, the construction industry and on-/offshore
operations. Beyond this, CargoLifter offers new possibilities in
the field of humanitarian aid.

see for
the english website.

Ben Courtice

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