Melting ice

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> This is also more profound effect of global warming
> more pronounced in my
> country i.e. Pakistan which is alteration of weather
> Pattern due to which we
> are witnessing below average rain fall and the
> resultant drought like
> condition in many parts of the country.
> Masood Nawaz

Hi Masood and all,

Check this out:
Photos of global vegetation taken from satellites
(color coded)show an alarming number of
drought-affected spots in the Amazon *rainforest*, the
world's lungs. Disastrous record droughts also
affecting Australia and India.

I think that a lot of the talk about this issue
forgets that we don't have the power to change things
now because we're not organized powerfully enough yet.
The data and the solutions we get come from the
perspective of a continuing capitalist order of

Yours for the social revolution,
Mike B)

"Man first begins to philosophize when the necessitites of life are supplied."  Aristotle

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