Environmentalism, population and Marxism

Jose G. Perez jgperez at netzero.net
Tue Dec 3 07:25:17 MST 2002

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I disagree with Mark Lause. It's not too many people, it is the wrong *kind*
of people. The fact is if you got rid of Anglos in North America and the
Europeans, you'd cut out most pollution, greenhouse gas generation and
drastically reduce the footprint of humans in the ecology.

I suggest that we start with North American anglos. A humane solution might
be gas, or perhaps injections. Since they consume the lion's share of the
world's resources, this seems to be the most efficient way. One white
American less is worth 20 Latin American peasants, insofar as reducing
global ecological impact goes.

As a side benefit is we'd get rid of a lot of neo-Malthusian drivel from
Internet listservs.


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