Environmentalism, population and Marxism

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Tue Dec 3 09:19:27 MST 2002

Screw Malthus.  The point is that the world we live in is finite.  It's
resources are finite.  Gassing all the Anglos won't solve the problem if other
people are taking up the same technology and the cultural assumptions that you
have to have 16 kids on the expectations that 12 will die in childhood and 2
will move west.

Catholics seem to think that the more kids we have the bigger God will blow up
the giant condom we live on.  I think the idea that better technology or a
better organization of technology is ultimately just as lame.

My concern is that capitalism will back us such a corner in terms of the damage
of its mismanagement that we will have the kinds of serious crop failures and
epidemics that scientists have been discussing now for a generation.  Then, it
will impose its own solutions in the interest of a kind of official

I suspect that the limits imposed won't be very equitable.


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