One more thing on the US Far Left (continuation of response to Gilles)

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Tue Dec 3 09:30:30 MST 2002

In order not to give a misleading impression of the state of affairs on the
left in the U.S., I should say that the picture is not all of 'atomization',
because in fact there is a substantial level of cooperation among left groups
on a local level at all times, and sometimes on a national level, in ongoing
coalitions and in the organization or conduct of particular events and
campaigns.  Even when two organizations are not very close politically
(relatively speaking), it is not uncommon for them to function on a basis of
mutual respect and/or for there to be friendly relationships among members of
the organizations.  If you were to depict this graphically, there would be a
web of relationships among the different parties, with each 'strand'
representing some area in which there is or has been cooperation.  Of course
some sects would be found outside this network, but the serious organizations
do not function in isolation.  So the reality is not just unrelieved
sectarianism and cut-throat competition.

Lou Paulsen

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