Thousands in Turkey protest war in Iraq

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Subject: [C-I] More Than !0,000 Rally Against War In Istanbul

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Subject: Thousands rally against war in Istanbul

Reuters. 1 December 2002.
Thousands of Turks demonstrate against war in Iraq.

ISTANBUL -- Thousands of people in NATO-member Turkey marched through
Istanbul on Sunday to say no to war in neighbouring Iraq which Turkey fears
could spread turmoil in the region and wreak economic havoc.

Around 5,000 people gathered in Istanbul on Sunday, chanting and carrying
placards saying "No to imperialist aggression" and "No to war."

Opinion polls show a majority of Turks do not want Turkey to participate
in a war in Iraq.
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Subject: Istanbul anti-war demo - more details

AP (with additional material by Reuters).
1 December 2002.

About 10,000 Turks protest possible war in Iraq.

ISTANBUL -- About 10,000 anti-war demonstrators gathered at a large square
in Istanbul on Sunday to protest a possible U.S.-led war in neighboring

NATO-member Turkey is a close U.S. ally, but anti-war sentiment is running
high. Officials here are reluctant to support military action against Iraq,
and have not committed to allowing the use of Turkish
territory or air bases considered crucial to any U.S. war effort.

The rally came days before U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz
and British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw were scheduled to arrive in Turkey
to discuss the possible military action.

Protesters waved balloons emblazoned with peace signs and chanted: "We will
not be America's soldiers!" and "Down with the USA!"

Others held up banners reading: "We're on the side of the Iraqi people," "No
to war in Iraq" and "No to imperialist aggression."

"There is the threat of war in a territory that is so close to us," said
anti-war activist Ersan Salman.

"This is America's war and it is going to be waged even though thousands,
tens of thousands will be killed."

"We're here to show how much we oppose war," said Zarife Havlu, a
46-year-old teacher. "War means poverty and hunger."

Security was high at the rally. Police searched the protesters before they
were allowed into square.

Opinion polls show a majority of Turks do not want Turkey to participate in
a war in Iraq.

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