Can technology solve the environmental crisis?

Steve Painter and Rose McCann spainter at
Tue Dec 3 16:03:02 MST 2002

In The End of the Road, posted by Mark Jones, Mike Neligh writes: "The noted
British geologist Ted Trainer says,  "Beyond 2005, the energy required to
find and extract a barrel of oil will exceed the energy contained in the
barrel." (Trainer 34)

In fact, Ted Trainer is an academic in the School of Social Work at the
University of New South Wales, in Sydney, not a noted British geologist.

Ted Trainer writes extensively on environmental sustainablility,
permaculture and other environmental themes.
For example:


Other than that, I thought Mike Neligh's article was a very good summary of
the oil crisis, and the real background to the drive to war in the Middle

Steve Painter

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