Iraqi CP ...NO to War .. NO to Dictatorship

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Iraqi Communist Party

NO to War .. NO to Dictatorship

Solidarity with the Iraqi People for Peace & Democracy

The Iraqi people are once again facing the danger of war; caught up between
a dictatorial regime which is gambling with the fate of a whole country to
remain in power at any cost, and a US administration determined to make Iraq
the opening phase in its "pre-emptive strikes" doctrine.

Our people hold the ruling clique headed by Saddam Hussein, who has served
US strategic interests, fully responsible for the death and destruction
suffered over recent decades as a result of bloody repression and criminal
adventures and wars. The US is also held responsible for the death and
destruction caused by the Gulf War and the unjust international economic
blockade imposed 12 years ago.

War and foreign military intervention, whether under the pretext of
eliminating weapons of mass destruction or "change of regime", must be
firmly rejected.

War will cause further death and destruction, with horrific consequences for
innocent civilians. In addition, war and military intervention cannot bring
about democracy and peace for Iraq. War will also aggravate the situation in
Middle East, giving Israeli rulers the opportunity to commit more massacres
against the Palestinian people.

The Iraqi people themselves want to get rid of Saddam's arsenal of weapons
of mass destruction. After all, these weapons were used first and foremost
against the people (e.g. the use of chemical weapons to annihilate 5000
people in the Kurdish town of Halabja in March 1988).

To achieve this objective, all political and diplomatic means must be
exhausted, on the basis of international legitimacy and international law.
Saddam's regime must be pressed to stop its brinkmanship policy and comply
with relevant UN resolutions, in order to spare the Iraqi people another
destructive war.

The Iraqi people do want to get rid of the hated regime of Saddam and
achieve democracy, but this is a task for the Iraqi people alone, with
genuine and legitimate international support.

Such international support is crucial to enable our people and their
patriotic forces to achieve a unified democratic and federal Iraq. This
alternative will be also be positive force for peace and stability in Middle

We, therefore, appeal to the United Nations, and all peace-loving forces in
the world, to call for:

-   Lifting the inhumane international blockade from the Iraqi people.

-  Tightening the political and diplomatic isolation of Saddam's dictatorial

-  Implementing UN Security Council Resolution 688 (April 1991), concerning
human rights in Iraq.

-  Eliminating weapons of mass destruction under proper UN supervision.

- Sending UN human rights monitors to Iraq, and pressing the rulers to stop
mass executions of political prisoners.

Such steps, along with multi-various support and solidarity with the just
struggle of the Iraqi people for freedom and democracy, constitute an
alternative option to the path of war and foreign military intervention.
They will boost the morale of the people and enable them to determine their
future with their own free will.

Raise your voice, loud and clear, in solidarity with the Iraqi people and
their democratic forces .. against war and dictatorship, for peace and


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