More on Socialist energy / environment measures (Defense of Mark)

James Daly james.irldaly at
Wed Dec 4 03:53:19 MST 2002

In a recent post I omitted two references.  One was Walter Benjamin, "
Theses on History", in Illuminations, London, Collins Fontana 1992.  The
other was Norman Geras's Solidarity in the Conversation of Humankind: The
Ungroundable Liberalism of Richard Rorty, London: Verso 1995, in which he
argues against Rorty's gratuitous assertion that we can only have sympathy
for family, friends and our own community. Geras quotes from letters and
interviews with Jews who were saved and hidden by non-Jewish families at the
risk of their deaths. The theme of the non-Jewish people was "You could not
see that done to a human being".

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