Aussie Irish catholic mafia

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Wed Dec 4 06:44:00 MST 2002

Bob Gould recommends (

>my piece, Bob Santamaria and Bob Gould

Holy Mary Mother of God! You'd just have to add Padriac Pearse
MacGuiness for a real Unholy Irish Trinity of the labour movement!
(for the non-Aus, Santamaria is the late Pontiff of the
anti-communinist right split from the ALP in the 50s, while Paddy
MacGuiness, sadly still of this world, is a former Trot, now a nasty
if largely incoherent right-wing columnist. In my more anti-Gould
moments I have rather unkindly described Bob G to some comrades as
the MacGuiness of the left).

I'd be interested in reading Bob's articles on the Aussie Catholic
question when I have time (hah!) - I'd admit I don't know a lot about
it though I'm not so ignorant of Australian history as to be
"surprised" at progressive tendencies in The Church, as Bob rather
patronisingly suggests. I also have a cultural connection. I may bear
the surname of my dad's Melbourne Anglo-Jewish family but I was
raised almost solely by my mother, from a Newcastle Irish Catholic
clan. Her generation anyway (numerous siblings and cousins) were from
memory solidly Laborite and Republican, not really sure now. My
mother was active in the Greens for a while but I don't know if she
ever reconciled their plank of "peace and non-violence" with the
unfortunate necessity of blowing up some Brits in order to unite

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