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 The Media Column: Why is Pilger allowed to abuse his 'New Statesman'
> colleagues?
> By David Aaronovitch
> The Independent, 26 November 2002

I was at university with David Aaronovitch - at Oxford in 1974.  I was
Secretary of the Oxford University Student Union - I and a comrade in the
Communist Party had unilaterally set it up that year and, in an election
organised by ourselves, were elected to those offices.  Some pressure and
deal-doing had the union recognised by the University.  David appeared in
the student union office at the start of his undergraduate career in 1974.
He was the son of Sam Aaronovitch, a big CP figure, & he thought he could
swan in and take over.  Sam was apparently in the media.  I and the
President, Michael Sullivan, whose father was a deceased Welsh Miner, were
unimpressed by this arrogant North Londoner who had the arrogance of his
social stratum that he could somehow take over from Michael and from me
(another working class kid whose parents were cleaners).

At the end of term two (just before Easter), David Aaronovitch turned up at
the student union office to complain that he had been refused entry to an
examination.  At Oxford, the home of lost causes, academic dress is required
for examinations.  Big deal.  He was not wearing it and was refused entry.
I and Mike Sullivan were in the student union office when David arrived.  We
told him to dress appropriately an to go back to the examination.

He did not and so left Oxford (i.e. was chucked out).

Why is this man a national newspaper columnist in the UK?  Could it be
family connections?

So much for the CP.  So much for shits like him (remind you of Hitchins?).

Richard Harris.

Canterbury, Kent, UK.

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