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> I actually had the same idea once and discussed it with my
> brother, who is an
> engineer.  He wasn't as optimistic.

I'm sure your brother was right and the real issue here is finally that of
heat pollution. It is often forgotten that one of the most dangerous
greenhouse gases (GHG) is steam, water vapour. Even if we transferred energy
production from CO2-emitting fossil fuels to allegedly clean renewables like
windpower, thermal, hydro, photovoltaics etc (all of which I've tried to
argue wouldn't work anyway, because renewables can never provide more than a
few percent of the energy we now derive from fossil fuels), and if we
increased the amount of nuclear power generation, altho we would avoid much
of CO2 and sox and nox GHG's, we still would continue to inexorably increase
the ambient atmospheric temperature, we'd still get global warming, melting
ice caps and glaciers etc. People haven't begun to think thru the
implications of the fact that in order to avoid warming, we have to scale
down global energy consumption, from whatever source. This has such drastic
implications in fact, that most of us are evidently still in denial. But we
are Marxists and we above can't be in denial, can we?


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