One more thing on the US Far Left (continuation of response toGilles)

Gilles d'Aymery aymery at
Wed Dec 4 10:04:39 MST 2002

[Louis Proyect wrote]
...I discovered that one of my own fucking articles was on the Znet website
*without my permission*. When I brought this to Albert's attention, he said
that he was doing me a favor by allowing a broader public to view it.

Have I heard this one before?  Pffft!  They all say this. My polite answer
usually is: "If you want to do me a favor and find an article on Swans that is
worthy of your attention, please insert a link to the article so that your visitors
can go and read the piece on Swans."

But again this is not specific to Michael. I've been fighting this battle for years
and it has lead me to the note that is appended at the bottom of each article
which reads:
"Please, feel free to insert a link to this article on your Web site or to
disseminate its URL on your favorite lists, quoting the first paragraph or
providing a summary. However, please DO NOT steal, scavenge or
repost this work on the Web without the expressed written authorization of
{HYPERLINK "mailto:aymery at"}Swans. This material is copyrighted, All rights reserved."
And I try my darnest to remain polite. ;-)
BTW, my first contact ever with Louis, was about an article by Robin D.G.
Kelley, "Finding the Strength to Love and Dream," which he had posted (an
excerpt of it) on the List. I contacted Louis to ask his permission to repost it.
Simple, ethical courtesy. And I ended on the site where it was originally
published. I asked permission. Simple and ehtical courtesy. And they told me
to contact Kelley, which I did. Again, and again and again it's a matter of
simple and ethical courtesy. And I mentioned Louis and the the Web site (The
Chronicle Review) in  a note to my introduction to Kelley's article...
Simplicity in a complex world...
Gilles d'Aymery

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