Geothermal Energy & Ethanol

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> Subject: Geothermal Energy & Ethanol
> Geothermal energy is quit cheap though, making it one of the most
> economical
> sources and is widely used in California and infact the entire country of
> Iceland runs from geothermal energy. It surely is not the solution to all
> the energy problems but combined with hydroelectric, wind, solar, ocean,
> biomass, natural gas, it can end dependence on fossil fuels for
> good. It is
> economically beneficial and environmentally friendly. Also,  David, my
> question is why don't they simply blow holes on the earth's surface to
> create a lava run, re-direct natural water sources into those areas?
> Also concerning ethanol, I don't know a whole lot but I do know

This simply flies in the face of the facts. (a) renewables + nuclear can
never provide more 20% of present US energy consumption. (b) so-called
renewable energy is more expensive than fossil fuel; even today
photovoltaics are 20-40 times as expensive as natural gas and no form of
renewable energy is remotely cost-competitive, not even windpower. Perhaps,
indeed, the only 'solution' is to blow holes in the earth's crust (with
nuclear weapons?) and create new volcanoes...


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