More on Socialist energy / environment measures (Defense of Mark)

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Wed Dec 4 20:33:54 MST 2002

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> As I understand Mark Jones' views as outlined on this
> list, the A-List, and the former Crash List, he believes
> that by the time capitalism has been overthrown, our
> ecological problems will be so severe, that even a
> socialist state will have to resort to very severe measures
> to reduce consumption, especially energy consumption
> down to levels that will be sustainable over the long run.

Yeah, I know that, but there's a big difference between austerity measures
and actively thinning the population.  What proportion of the total 'Gross
World Product', and what proportion of the world's current fuel budget, go
toward the production of the subsistence needs of the world's population?
20 per cent?  Anyone?  Is it likely that, under the socialist order, we
can't keep production up to the level of 20 per cent of where it is under
the capitalist order without ruining the planet?

Lou Paulsen

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