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Nuremberg trial transcripts on-line. I'll quote from

DR. KAUFFMANN: And then they immediately went to their


DR. KAUFFMANN: I ask you, according to your knowledge,
did these people know what was in store for them?

HOESS: The majority of them did not, for steps were
taken to keep them in doubt about it and suspicion
would not arise that they were to go to their death.
For instance, all doors and all walls bore
inscriptions to the effect that they were going to
undergo a delousing operation or take a shower. This
was made known in several languages to the internees
by other internees who had come in with earlier
transports and who were being used as auxiliary crews
during the whole action.

DR. KAUFFMANN: And then, you told me the other day,
that death by gassing set in within a period of 3 to
15 minutes. Is that correct?


DR. KAUFFMANN: You also told me that even before death
finally set in, the victims fell into a state of

HOESS: Yes. From what I was able to find out myself or
from what was told me by medical officers, the time
necessary for reaching unconsciousness or death varied
according to the temperature and the number of people
present in the chambers. Loss of consciousness took
place within a few seconds or a few minutes.

DR. KAUFFMANN: Did you yourself ever feel pity with
the victims, thinking of your own family and children?


DR. KAUFFMANN: How was it possible for you to carry

these actions in spite of this?

HOESS: In view of all these doubts which I had, the
only one and decisive argument was the strict order
and the reason given for it by the Reichsfuehrer

DR. KAUFFMANN: I ask you whether Himmler inspected the
camp and convinced himself, too, of the process of

HOESS: Yes. Himmler visited the camp in 1942 and he
watched in detail one processing from beginning to

DR. KAUFFMANN: Does the same apply to Eichmann?

HOESS: Eichmann came repeatedly to Auschwitz and was
intimately acquainted with the proceedings.

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