More on Socialist energy / environment measures (Defense of Mark)

Mark Jones markjones011 at
Thu Dec 5 01:52:08 MST 2002

LouPaulsen wrote:
> Yeah, I know that, but there's a big difference between austerity measures
> and actively thinning the population.  What proportion of the total 'Gross
> World Product', and what proportion of the world's current fuel budget, go
> toward the production of the subsistence needs of the world's population?
> 20 per cent?  Anyone?  Is it likely that, under the socialist order, we
> can't keep production up to the level of 20 per cent of where it is under
> the capitalist order without ruining the planet?

Is this what you will now be arguing on the streets? If so I applaud it as a
step forward in the direction of realism and away from the panglossian
selling of socialism like it was snake-oil.


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