More on Socialist energy / environment measures

Kay McVey katsummerland at
Thu Dec 5 03:14:13 MST 2002

>Kay wrote:>
> Even in the transitional stage we would collectively
> organise in workers militias and neighbourhood
> committees not armies and police forces with the
> absence of accountability that entails.

Mark wrote:
Assuming that the revolution doesn't happen everywhere
at once, is it not
possible that these workers' militias and
neighbourhood committees could
find themselves facing a well-armed external foe, say
the US, which
threatens them with nuclear weapons? What would you do
then? You do not
think it is reasonable to expect sacrifices icluding
the sacrifice of life
to protect the biosphere, so is it reasonable in ANY
circumstances to defend
the socialist revolution?

Kay replies:

That has been the situation facing every liberation
struggle since 1945.  Maybe the Vietnamese, the Cubans
and a few others can give us some tips.

But how does this answer your concern about the
environment which is where this thread started.  The
assertion that we would have to make tough decisions
about who could live or die to ensure a sustainable
living planet.

As I wrote before "So the question remains for Mark
what is your vision
of the socialist future? At the moment it seems
distinctly distopian.

In fact let’s make it easier why are you a socialist?"


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