Reject police-state powers! -- What's in the latest Green Left Weekly? #519 December 4, 2002

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             Green Left Weekly, Australia's socialist newspaper
                                 Issue #519
                             December 4, 2002

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.

This week: Politicians fuel `terrorist' hysteria. Reject police-state

Federal and state governments in Australia, with the support of the
capitalist press, are whipping up a "terrorist" hysteria to justify the
introduction of draconian new laws that give police and spy agencies
unprecedented power. These powers won't stop terrorism but they will be
used to crush dissent and attack ethnic and religious minorities.



 * Reject police state powers!
 * `Terrorist' hysteria breeds racism


 * There is an urgent need for left unity
 * Socialist Alternative proposes unity to ISO


 * AFGHANISTAN: Enduring American `freedom'
 * DENMARK: CIA's `favourite' Iraqi dictator charged with war crimes
 * IRAQ: US prepares for war
 * The WTO, damned lies and statistics
 * INDONESIA: `elite politik' plots to control elections
 * PALESTINE: Israel murders UN worker
 * Action alert! McCulloch trial adjourned
 * SPAIN: oil spill highlights corporate scandals
 * ECUADOR: Is Gutierrez another Chavez?
 * INDONESIA: TNI let off the hook again
 * ARGENTINA: Workers occupy factories as crisis continues
 * PAKISTAN: A feudal lord becomes prime minister
 * HONG KONG: Protest organisers convicted
 * VENEZUELA: Right-wing campaign of sabotage escalates
 * IRELAND: The `troubles' are back


 * Baxter refugee prison: another `hell-hole'
 * Unions should support an alternative to Labor
 * Pine Gap: spy base aids US war on Iraq
 * Big Issue: Begging to work


 * Thousands march in Melbourne
 * US hypocrisy condemned in Hobart
 * Peace and diversity in Christmas parade
 * Hundreds in ACT take protest to Howard's door
 * A war `for the rich' opposed
 * 350 march against war on Iraq
 * Was SIEV-X fitted with a tracking device?
 * Proposed ACT `anti-terror' laws may threaten civil liberties
 * `Refugee Welcome' cities declared
 * Forum discusses Sri Lanka peace process
 * Large left-of-Labor vote in Victoria
 * It's Gunnamatta!
 * Fremantle ALP holds anti-war rally
 * WA building workers win 36-hour week
 * Homophobia and Islamic fundamentalism
 * Council ban fails to prevent anti-war rally
 * Brunswick Socialist Alliance campaign launched
 * Which way forward for the left?
 * NT Socialist Alliance gears up for 2003
 * `You are the democratic opposition in this country'
 * Civil liberties will be key election issue


 * The art of Wasilli Kandinsky
 * Impossible to pigeonhole
 * George Novack: a source of inspiration
 * Green Day opposes Bush's war
 * An evening with John Pilger


 * and ain't I a women: A new generation of consumers
 * EDITORIAL: Free Lesley McCulloch and Joy-Lee Sadler!
 * Write On: Letters to Green Left Weekly


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