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> As I wrote before "So the question remains for Mark
> what is your vision
> of the socialist future? At the moment it seems
> distinctly distopian.
> In fact let's make it easier why are you a socialist?"

In defense of Mark, I interpret him as saying that the imperialists (and our
own failure to overthrow them so far) have royally screwed up things and
closed the doors to a range of utopias which we might theoretically have
gotten to if it weren't for them; and that capitalism is preparing a
'dystopia' for us whether we like it or not, and that we had better be aware
of the harsh reality; and that he would prefer for humanity to live in a
world which is maybe 'dystopian' by the standards of a lot of socialist
literature, than to live in qualitatively worse dystopias or to utterly
perish; and that that is a sufficient reason to be a socialist.

Ultimately I am quite in agreement with him that we have to deal with the
reality we are in and not make silly promises along the lines of 'under
socialism every worker will have his or her own jet plane'; or imagine that
socialist life on this planet in the coming century will be present-day
Winnetka, Illinois [an affluent suburb] multiplied by 100,000; or suppose
that all the horrible legacies of capitalism will disappear the day after
the revolution with a snap of the fingers; or satisfy ourselves with the
idea that 'new technology' will solve everything effortlessly, without any
hard information about what this technology will be.

Lou Paulsen

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