Geothermal Energy & Ethanol

David Walters dwalters at
Thu Dec 5 10:14:40 MST 2002

Even under capitalism, there is much exploitation of wind power left
untapped. In England, where the bust of the wind power company occurred,
this had more to do with the ups and downs of the Market there than here. If
the price of power goes up, as it was two years ago, even a company like
Enron, which had NO assets at all, was planning for over 800 MWs of wing
power in Texas and Oregon. The issue then is full exploitation of the
resource, as in my point about geothermal.

In California, they have done a lot of studies, and indicate that it's
economically feasible, with tax breaks, to add another 4,000 mws of wind
power in the next ten years, or 9% of the total California load...and these
are by the little cartel of petty-capitalist wind mill owners. Under
socialism, this resource could be brought to bear further as a way of
reducing reliance on fossil, which is the whole point...Mark has only proven
that they remain UNDER CAPITALISM, uneconomic. But under socialism, as a
social priority, it's very important to exploit this, and including the use
of solar, as well.

I would hope most of us would reject the doom and gloom of Mark (and Peter
Petroleums') perspective for a more realistic and balanced approach to
fighting NOW for public power, a balanced use of fossil and alternative
energy sources, and a future that's better, more productive, and happier
than under capitalism, in other words, socialism. I think we need to realize
that the technological advances in engineering (the most important) and
generalized energy research have not been fully exploited in regards to
solar (efficiencies going up, and therefore cost per KWH going down). Even
Pete Petroleum's rather pessimistic view of know petrol reserves include a
LARGE unproven category (which is odd since how can he chart it if it's

All this discussion is hypothetical in many respects until we can get rid of
the deregulated market an establish public power on a national and
international basis.


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