Naomi Klein

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Dec 5 10:22:42 MST 2002

Jørn Andersen wrote:
> But the 1 million strong anti-war demo in Firenze on the last day of the
> ESF is just one sign of the close relationship between the anti-war
> movement and the anti-capitalist movement - at least in some of the
> countries where the anti-war movement is strongest.

Thanks for the correction. This is certainly heartening news. I do now
remember that a huge antiwar demonstration did take place that day.
Thankfully, black block antics were missing. I should have been more
specific in any case. I am much more dubious about the US and Canadian
players in the anti-globalization movement, about which I have
first-hand knowledge. My guess is that Europe has a different dynamic,
because labor and socialist traditions are much stronger there.


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