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Isn't Denmark already producing close to 20% of their electricity from wind?

The main problem with wind energy is it depends on wind velocity too
much. Actually power produced by wind energy is proportional to cube of

Power = constant x (velocity)^3

so wind energy may be feasible in countries like Denmark where wind velocity
is too high and remains for most part of the year but not all round the world

Similarily there are many problems with solar energy, it is also very
costly. Although solar energy is cheaply and abundantly available in many
parts of the world. in my country average solar flux is roughly 1 kW/square
metre that translates into 4800 kW/acre at 100% efficiency that seems to be
too high but efficiency of PV cells are very low and also maintenance cost is
very high.

As far as hydro energy is cosidered it has its own problem primarily
ecological problem and also it is too capital intensive (I MW Thermal Power
Plant in Pakistan cost $1m and for similiar power of hydel energy it cost 3 -
5 m)

But the picture is not too bleak and various novel ideas are coming some of
them are solar pond, Ocean thermal Energy Conversion, bio-mass etc. One thing
is clear that no single option can resolve the problem and only
diversification of energy resources can resolve besides efficient use of

Problem with Nuclear energy also includes its relatively lower Thermal
Efficiency which is of the range of 33% and in which I work it is even lower
than this.

Masood Nawaz

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