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Louis Proyect wrote:

> The other problem I have with the anti-globalization movement is that
> the anti-capitalism, such as it is, seems utterly resistant to closing
> the circle and embracing Marxism. The whole discourse is in terms of
> greedy corporations, etc. If you are going to build an anti-capitalist
> movement, you'd better be rooted in a sharp-eyed class analysis. Our
> enemies certainly are.


As conditions change, the concept of class also changes.  The working class,
particularly those in the core economies, have largely become anti-Marxist,
at least their union representatives, such as Sweeney of the AFL-CIO.

In Chinese revloutionary jargon, the term proletariat is translated as the
property-less class.  It is now possible to think of the poor as a class.
Thus class analysis needs to evolve from its industrial capitalism age (the
working class) to the new financial capitalism age (the poor class).
Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, whether justified or not, is now a fact.
Like all wars, the War on Terrorism creates revolutionary space with
unpredictable consequencies.  The process may take 5 to 10 years, but as
surely as WWI heralded the October Revolution, and WWII heralded
anti-imperialist revolutions all over the former colonial world, the War on
Terrorism will usher in the demise of finance capitalism.  9:11 destroyed
more than just two skyscrapers.  It dealt a crushing blow to the financial
infrastructure of the globalized market.

The anti-globalization movement in the West is of little consequence, for
reasons you partly identified.  Just as the Revolutions of 1848 failed in
the West through no fault of those who took part, but rather due to the
abscence of the necessary revolutionary social millieu, which the Western
left has since come to oppose as undemocratic and excessively violent.
Blood and tears are the lubricants of revolution, not peaceful;
demonstrations.  It cannot be instigated by a few, nor can it be stopped by
a few.  But it will happen over the slightest provocation, releasing decades
of discontent and rage to unleash the burn baby burn stage, after which a
period of revisionism will again set in but the base line would have
advanced to a more just society building up discontent for the next
revolutionary wave. That is the meaning of permanent revolution.  It is when
theoreticians begin to abandon hope and the establishment begins to
celebrate the end of history that the volcano of history will erupt


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