Cockburn biffs the redbaiters

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Dec 5 13:09:34 MST 2002

Hitchens, Corn and Cooper:
More Yelps from the Running Dogs


Here we are in 2002, with the UN a wholly owned US subsidiary (as I
should have conceded to myself and others a lot more than I did in 1990)
abetting an imperial onslaught as brazen and lawless as any colonizing
sortie of the nineteenth century. In the urgent task of organizing
antiwar demonstrations, the WWP has worked capably in building up
coalitions. The group's core Bonkerism is probably undiminished, but I
don't think that's the issue, and I don't see Cooper, Corn and Gitlin
doing anything more serious in organizing peace rallies than advertising
their own political respectability in the mainstream press.



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