Water Crisis : Louis Proyect

Richard Wilson richarda at wfeca.net
Thu Dec 5 15:21:12 MST 2002

The truth of the matter is a green & planned economy could provide everyone
on the earth with plenty without harming the environment. There never really
was a "shortage" of water and there never will be, because the supply of
water on the planet remains constant, meaning there's always going to be
enough water, the problem is where to find that water. While the amount of
fresh water is shrinking as a result of people's consumption of underground
water, eventually, a portion of which ends back up in the ocean, or the
melting ice as a result of global warming, the total amount of water is
never changed, just its location.

People have a special ability that no other animals have which is the
ability to reason and to make tools for our own benefit. One of these tools
is called Desalination - or taking salt water and processing it through
boiling and condensation which turns it into fresh water, leaving behind the
salt. Now many have said this to be expensive and indeed it is more
expensive that the way we handle the situation at this time, though it's not
really expensive as in it's so costly it makes it economically stupid. There
are hundreds of desalination facilities throughout the world, especially in
the Middle East.

Places like Tampa Bay could solve their water crisis by repealing the
regulations which prevent water use and watering gardens and lawn (ect.) ,
have a progressive billing scale that charges people more per gallon that
they consume. For example x-y water use is $T and y-w is $F. This would
discourage wasteful use, but would give people freedom and would allow the
rich to use as much as they wanted while bringing in billions of dollars in
revenues which could be used to increase water supply through desalination.
This water can also be piped from the coastline into inland areas.

As for the Ogalla, the question is not how much has been used and how much
is being used, but how much left and how much longer can the Ogalla meet the
needs of agriculture, industry and people. Also, investment should be placed
in teaching farmers water conservation techniques and there should be a tax
on almost all water use. Though to say there is a water "shortage" is wrong
cause water is not a scarce resource.

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