Energy Waste and renewable energies

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Thu Dec 5 16:04:42 MST 2002

I did write a short dossier on energy waste that shows that 68 to 72% of all
energy produced is wasted (rejected). The dossier has a very telling chart on
the U.S. energy flow trends created by LLNL.

"United States' Gargantuan Energy Appetite"

At the bottom of the text is a link to a series of Web resources, Fossil Fuels
and Energy Resources.

Please excuse the self-promotion ;-)  but you'll find some interesting info in
there and I will appreciate any feedback (good, bad and..)

Btw, as much as hydrogen is a red hering as its generation depends for a large
extent on fossil fuels, I think that PV should no be dismissed out of hand.
Costly compared to fossil fuels, certainly; but cost is a matter of political will --
 I mean the US has the will to spend over $400 billion a year on war, does it
not? -- and in the coming years (or say two decades) the cost of fossil fuels
will sky-rocket. OTOH, "According to the Department of Energy, the costs
of solar photovoltaics (PV) have dropped 200 percent over the last three
decades. Costs today range from 10 to 40 cents per kilowatt-hour." "A study
by U.S. Department of Energy showed that if covered with solar PV panels,
the roofs of California's city and county buildings could generate 200
megawatts of clean electricity! School roofs covered with solar PV could add
another 1,500 megawatts to the state's peak power supply. California could
theoretically generate all of its daytime electricity from the sun if every
available commercial and industrial roof was covered with PV panels!"
(source: California Energy Commission at

Anything wrong about doing a little planning?

Gilles d'Aymery

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