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Hi everybody!
Here's a sneak peek at some of the books we've got coming this winter!
Check it out:

Jenny Davidson
...dark as your hat: sex-and-death with a side-order of extra death. A
masterful and outrageously readable first novel.
--Bruno Maddox, author of My Little Blue Dress

Off the Cuffs
Jackie Sheeler, ed.; foreword by Bob Holman
A poetry anthology about police that does what no one wants writing on cops
to do: tell both sides of the story.

Souha Béchara
In 1988, at the age of twenty, Souha Béchara attempted to assassinate
General Lahad, chief of militia in charge of Israeli-occupied Southern
Lebanon. Immediately apprehended, interrogated, and tortured for weeks, she
spent ten years in prison, without trial. After an intense Lebanese,
European, and even Israeli campaign in her favor, she was released in 1998.
This is her story.

A Disjointed Search for the Will to Live
Shaka N'Zinga; foreword by Robin D.G. Kelley
A novel of struggle through pain and social injustice.

The Murdering of My Years: Artists and Activists Making Ends Meet
Mickey Z., ed.
"These stories are authentic: no laugh track, nothing re-touched by
computer software, very little editing on my part. These folks are working
without a net to create and disseminate art and dissenting opinions within
a commercial framework designed to co-op such output and feed it back to us
as 'trends.' They are challenging the status quo." --Mickey Z., from the

There's also info. on our "Coming Soon" page for a few of our spring '03
titles--and more on the way!:
Thanks all!

PS NEW YORKERS: going above and beyond the Sunday Frequency series, check
out the Ducky reading at Soft Skull Shortwave this Saturday, 12/7, at 2pm!
For more info., go here, and click on Other Events:

More about Ducky:
Future-of-the-funk fiction writers Nelly Reifler and Dickson Musslewhite
will read their stories at the Soft Skull Shortwave store to celebrate
publication of the newest issue of DUCKY, an online and print literary

PPS Painful but Fabulous Genesis P-Orridge events next Friday 12/13 and
Sunday 12/15! For more info., go here, and click on Other Events:

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