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[On Dec 3, Erik Toren wrote]

Hola Gilles and Compas:

----- Original Message ----- From: "Gilles d'Aymery"
<aymery at> > How would you categorize ZNet within
the leftist movement (please > note that I entertain cordial
relationships with Ed Herman, who has > generously agreed to
contribute to Swans from time to time, and with > David Peterson).
To use Lou's metaphor, I experience some difficulty > to graphically
represent ZNet on the US ideological map. >

I have followed ZMag since it's founding.

As far to where they are on the radar screen. Well, Michael Albert
and Robbin Hahnel have travelled from Unorthodox Marxism (or at
least as they state in their book form 1978 "Unorthodox Marxism") to
PareCon (Participatory Economics, their own abbreviation).

For an interesting reading rcheck out the debate between Michael
Albert and Alan Maass from ISO at It should
give you an idea of what is Albert's take on Marxism (Is he Marxist?
You be the judge:
shtml  I say no).


Thank you Erik. For whatever reasons the ISO links did not work in
my browser but I was able to read the looooong exchange on ZNet.

Whether M. Albert is a Marxist or not is far beyond my qualifications.
I noted that he talked a lot about "new Marxism".  These kinds of
debates are much too esoteric to me. I could not tell you what
Marxism is in the first place -- though, as I mentioned to Louis, I have
a beautiful, leather-bound, French edition of The Capital on my living
room bookshelves (which I have read btw...some 25+ years ago)
Actually, it was a present from an Iranian Marxist in 1974. Behrouz
lost his life in the Khomeini onslaught.

I presume that were I to ask members of the list to define what
Marxism is or what a Marxist is, I would get quite a few definitions,
most of them would fly high above my head. I'm just a troubadour,

This said, I'm just off from a "little discussion" with Michael Albert and
I would rather take a few days off and forget his name for a while. I
feel that Jay's and Louis' comments were quite on mark. I would add
the term 'disingenuous" to their respective characterizations. Jay was
correct. Albert is not a "people person". I knew this. Just got another

In solidarity,

Gilles d'Aymery

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