Correction to Australian Greens' rise

Peter Boyle peterb at
Thu Dec 5 19:54:11 MST 2002

I wrote:

<<The newly-formed and recently electorally registered
Socialist Alliance ran candidates in all the four
inner-Melbourne seats where the Greens did best and yet in
most of the five seats we still obtained higher than recent
average votes for explicitly identified socialist candidates
around the country.<<

Actually Socialist Alliance only ran in three of these four
seats, Brunswick, Northcott and Melbourne. The Socialist
Party's Steve Jolly ran in the fourth inner-Melbourne seat,
Richmond, and obtained decent 2% (623 votes). This, however,
was sharply down from Jolly's 12% vote in the same seat in
the previous state elections. The Socialist Alliance offered
to support Jolly and endorse him as a Socialist Alliance
candidate in the November 30 poll but this offer was turned

The Socalist Alliance votes (latest count) were:

Brunswick (inner-Melb seat)    Judy McVey       565   1.8%
Melbourne (inner-Melb seat)    Arun Pradhan     293   1%
Northcott (inner-Melb seat)    Jackie Lynch     592   1.8%

Footscray (Melb West)          Justine Kamprad  836   2.7%
Lara (Geelong North)           Brigitte Ellery  960  2.8%

Peter Boyle

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