Geothermal Energy & Ethanol

viveka kaliyuga at
Thu Dec 5 21:28:51 MST 2002

David wrote:

> I would hope most of us would reject the doom and gloom of Mark (and Peter
> Petroleums') perspective for a more realistic and balanced approach to
> fighting NOW for public power, a balanced use of fossil and alternative
> energy sources, and a future that's better, more productive, and happier
> than under capitalism, in other words, socialism. > ~~~~~~~


Is your decision to "reject doom and gloom" based on technological facts or
a desire to avoid facing the truth?  Did Mark or anyone else suggest we
should NOT look at reduced consumption and alternatives?  While Mark may
have a penchant for presenting "worse case scenarios," the benefit of doing
so is that it forces one to look carefully at the facts and plan
accordingly.  To do so is to be neither pessimistic or optimistic, but
responsible in the only way one can be responsible - by looking the truth
squarely in the eye and not flinching.

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