Did Stalinism end in the 1950s?

Mark Jones markjones011 at tiscali.co.uk
Fri Dec 6 08:41:29 MST 2002

Louis Proyect wrote:

> D OC wrote:
> > I'm following this thread closely. It is interesting. Can
> anyone attempt a
> > definition at what 'Stalinism' is - is it personalised top-down
> > decision-making backed by coercion or is it a tie to Stalin's
> personality? I
> > think perhaps people are arguing from different definitions. I would be
> > interested to see if we can agree a definition.
> If Stalinism means political identification with the Communist Party of
> the Soviet Union, then I suppose it is very difficult to pin down given
> the protean character of a government habitually disposed to making
> whatever policy changes necessary to stay in power. Not only have I
> heard Gorbachev referred to as a Stalinist, the dregs of the Healyite
> movement in Great Britain now refers to Putin as a Stalinist!

I'm just about to expose David Walters as a closet Stalinist, and in the
process to offer one materialist definition of Stalinism.


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