Naomi Klein

Sabri Oncu soncu at
Fri Dec 6 11:06:50 MST 2002


I agree with almost everything you said and particularly with

> It is when theoreticians begin to abandon hope and the
> establishment begins to celebrate the end of history that
> the volcano of history will erupt abruptly.

However, I have an objection to this claim:

> The anti-globalization movement in the West is of
> little consequence, for reasons you partly identified.

My objection is not about the potential consequences of the
"anti-globalization" movement. My objection is that it is not
just a movement in the West. It looks like a Western movement
here because the Western media don't cover much else. From
Pakistan to Cyprus, from Turkey to Ecuador, from Bolivia to South
Korea, it mobilized many individuals and groups. It is still a
small and disoriented movement, and may dissipate easily, but
many participants from these countries are already in blood and
tears. And for some of us, it is getting worse by the day.


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