Stalinism out of power

Nigel Irritable nigel_irritable at
Fri Dec 6 12:18:59 MST 2002

Domhnall asks an interesting question, at least when
applied to Stalinism out of power.

What was a Stalinist in Britain or France or the USA?
The answer has to start with a rather glib one-liner:
A Stalinist was a foriegn policy tool of one
bureaucracy or other.

That sentence is the core of Stalinism outside of the
Stalinist states although the picture was of course
more complex than that. This in turn leads on to other
interesting questions: How did socialist movements
become the tools of various ruling bureaucracies? How
did they eventually seperate?

That last question has I think been answered at least
be implication by others on this list - as various
Stalinists ceased to be the tools of the bureaucracies
they tended to become social democrats with
particularly unpleasant organisational norms.

Again though the above is a gross over simplification.
Part of the road towards social democracy coincided
with following the foriegn policy interests of the

Is mise le meas
Brian Cahill

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