Did Stalinism end in the 1950s?

Mike Ballard swillsqueal at yahoo.com.au
Fri Dec 6 14:57:27 MST 2002

Stalinism lives on as a State system of
bureaucratically imposed wage-slavery.  Socialism
doesn't exist yet.  An association of producers does
not control an administration of things.  For as
Engels aptly put it, the socialist revolutionary
project would go something like this:

Whilst the capitalist mode of production more and more
completely transforms the great majority of the
population into proletarians, it creates the power
which, under penalty of its own destruction, is forced
to accomplish this revolution. Whilst it forces on
more and more of the transformation of the vast means
of production, already socialized, into State
property, it shows itself the way to accomplishing
this revolution. The proletariat seizes political
power and turns the means of production into State

But, in doing this, it abolishes itself as
proletariat, abolishes all class distinction and class
antagonisms, abolishes also the State as State.
Society, thus far, based upon class antagonisms, had
need of the State. That is, of an organization of the
particular class which was, pro tempore, the
exploiting class, an organization for the purpose of
preventing any interference from without with the
existing conditions of production, and, therefore,
especially, for the purpose of forcibly keeping the
exploited classes in the condition of oppression
corresponding with the given mode of production
(slavery, serfdom, wage-labor). The State was the
official representative of society as a whole; the
gathering of it together into a visible embodiment.
But, it was this only in so far as it was the State of
that class which itself represented, for the time
being, society as a whole:

in ancient times, the State of slaveowning citizens;
in the Middle Ages, the feudal lords;
in our own times, the bourgeoisie.

When, at last, it becomes the real representative of
the whole of society, it renders itself unnecessary.
As soon as there is no longer any social class to be
held in subjection; as soon as class rule, and the
individual struggle for existence based upon our
present anarchy in production, with the collisions and
excesses arising from these, are removed, nothing more
remains to be repressed, and a special repressive
force, a State, is no longer necessary. The first act
by virtue of which the State really constitutes itself
the representative of the whole of society — the
taking possession of the means of production in the
name of society — this is, at the same time, its last
independent act as a State. State interference in
social relations becomes, in one domain after another,
superfluous, and then dies out of itself; the
government of persons is replaced by the
administration of things, and by the conduct of
processes of production.


Mike B)

"Man first begins to philosophize when the necessitites of life are supplied."  Aristotle

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