gulfstream, silly ethics--and dialectics?

Gilles d'Aymery aymery at
Fri Dec 6 21:26:43 MST 2002

[Ben Courtice writes]

[...] I'm not saying everything is possible, I do understand the concept of
physical limits to processes, but odds are we can come up with more efficient
renewable energy power generation than we currently do.
I get the impression that Mark's harping on the need to accept the deaths of
millions means we should start preparing ourselves for it now? I'd rather keep
fighting to ensure it doesn't happen.

Everything is possible. Absolutely everything!  The power to dream and to
invent will throw the genocidal planners (in the name of whatever hypothesis
and other dialectical premises) down the dustbins of history.

I'll second Ben. It won't happen because we will fight hard and we will invent
the future enough. Time will hopefully show that Mark's scenario is misguided.

And I will keep in mind Mark's hypothetical doomsday scenario when I am
down and pessimistic about the future.

Life will prevail, whatever the qualification. And no, the world I dream of has
nothing to do with utilatirianism and submarine's hatches.

And it has no labels.

Gilles d'Aymery

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