Chris Brady cdbrady at
Fri Dec 6 09:12:40 MST 2002

The Cubans of the revolution have continually reconsidered and recreated
their self-government.  (I dodged using the term "reinvented" because of
its US Clinton era associations).  For a delegate to get elected to the
Peoples Power Assembly this adult must be recommended by someone else in
their workplace, and seconded by yet another; an individual cannot
decide to run because of a lust for power or a big ego.  They do not
have to be members of the Communist Party.  In high contrast to US
political circuses, information on the candidates is circulated
according to a uniform standard that identifies them and their
qualifications.  There are no attack ads.  Campaign funds are not in the
millions of dollars.  Indeed, they are kept to the bare minimum.  This
adheres to the socialist reasoning that all resources are best invested
in the people.

The above information comes to me from people who have visited Cuba over
the past decade or so.
Any corrections, revisions, clarifications, or expansions would be
welcome, but my purpose remains brevity and clarity

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