It's not a Strike vs. Chavez, but *at* Chavez

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Sat Dec 7 03:50:09 MST 2002

The current so-called strike is a revolt.
It betrays similar characteristics to the chaos stoked by the
anti-Allende forces in Chile, and the anti-Republican forces in Spain.
Except in this case Venezuela is a provider of critical resources to the
imperial center.

I think too many of us try to guess how history will turn out, but I
would agree that the chips falling in Venezuela will influence the
entire political movement of Latin America.  Hugo Chavez is in the new
vanguard and his country is on the cusp.

Roosevelt threatened John L. Lewis's UMW over a possible coal strike
because coal was essential to the nation. Truman threatened labor for
similar reasons.  Mainstream historians applaud these Presidents for
their resolve to protect the citizenry and their commitment to national
security. Now President Chavez must be aggressive with the boss class
for those very same, highly critical criteria.

The shoe will be on the left foot this time. Yeltsin was hailed a hero
for using violence to consolidate his rule.  Let's see how Yankee
pundits analyze Chavez in his handling of the revolt of the bosses in
the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. So far he has been --dare I say
it?-- soft on captialism.  Can he bring the the snarling bosses and
yapping rebel officers to heel, or must they be broken?  Ah, there's the
rub. They will not come to heel.  They have said that they will keep on
messing things up, whatever it costs, just to retain their positions and
get rid of Chavez.  And the USA cannot allow Chavez to actually,
physically break the bosses.  That would usher in a new order.

Nevertheless, this is clearly a case of democracy and constitutional law
under attack by elites.
To defend the nation, the masses and the armed forces of the state must
be ready to act decisively along with the President.  The needs of the
many outweigh the wants of the few.

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