gulfstream, silly ethics--and dialectics?

Gilles d'Aymery aymery at
Sat Dec 7 15:52:39 MST 2002

> [Gilles (in response to my comments)]
> Everything is possible. Absolutely everything!  The power to dream and to
> invent will throw the genocidal planners (in the name of whatever
> and other dialectical premises) down the dustbins of history.

[Lou Paulsen wrote]
Gilles, I hope the term 'genocidal planner' here is not meant to refer to
Mark Jones.  I don't think that would be fair.  Let me take this occasion to
say that Mark and I have swapped a couple e-mails off list, and he has
convinced me that my 'Kodos the Executioner' post was not correctly aimed,
and I apologize for it.

Yes my poorly chosen words were however indirectly refering to Mark. I
should not have written them. I have apologized to Mark in a private e-mail.
As I told Mark, I was deeply shocked by his post and, actually, I literally
choked upon reading it and had to get outside to breathe and regain my
composure. My emotional reaction should not excuse my improper
characterization. Again, I have apologized.

Thinking about this, my post was not provoked just by Mark's hypothetical
scenario. I carefully followed the entire thread and read among a huge amount
 information that hydrogen does not work; solar PV does not work;
hydrogen does not work; forget about hydroelectricity; windmills, pffft...; let's
not even mention biomass; etc. I also read that fear is a powerful motivator.
And I read that when the World Socialist Governement takes over after the
famed revolution (please excuse the irony) "we" will decide who is worth
saving from the coming, ineluctable ecological Armageddon.

Er, excuse me?

Yes, please excuse me when I say that the high level of negativism made me
feel that I was mistakenly following some kind of Christian fundamentalist
thread. Gloom and doom under a red banner. Again, excuse me, but where is
hope, where is humanism, where is progress?

Is there anything that works?

Thankfully other participants to the thread made me feel at home and I took
advantage of Ben's post to express my views however poorly.

In the trenches were I operate -- that is, for the most part of my time, Swans -
- I attempt to bring a message out, not to the already convinced crowd but to
the unconvinced one. I attempt to avoid 'labels,' or slogans if you will, that
more often than not make people close their minds (I indeed do not find
'labels' very useful and it may help the members of the list to know that I am a
'legal alien' in the US of A, you know a Martian with a Green Card, which in
the present climate is not the most comfortable status...If some members are
not concretely aware of what it means I recommend a visit to
where they will find a page that outlines Martians' present situation...) and I
emphasize that change, collective change is highly possible and probable.

To take an example, solar PVs may not be a panacea; they may just be a
palliative but, until the bus (to take Lou's eloquent analogy) can be collectively
redirected, I will make do with all the palliatives that are at my disposal and
keep faith in the indometible power of the human spirit....which, thinking of it,
is a very Marxist principle (the power of the human spirit).

The power to dream and to invent was the intended message in my post.

As Lou explained, we are witnessing genocides right now, right under our
nose. How many people die every year of hunger (is it 14 million)? 34 million
are facing famine in south eastern Africa as I write those words. About 2
billion people do not have clean water. The list is long.

Anyway, time for me to follow Mark's step and fall silent for a while. Actually,
I am entering a Swans' week and need to focus my energy on our last issue of
the year. By the way, it will hopefully (it always depends on the contributions I
receive) have a theme. I've asked our regular columnists to share their views
on the year 2002, how the year went... If any member wishes to contribute his
or her thoughts, please do not hesitate to contact me (deadline is this coming

I enjoy and appreciate Marxmail tremendously. I am evidently not as well
politically educated than most of its members but as we like to say in French,
"il faut de tout pour faire un monde."

In solidarity,

Gilles d'Aymery

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