gulfstream, silly ethics--and dialectics?

viveka kaliyuga at
Sat Dec 7 16:58:53 MST 2002

> Yes, please excuse me when I say that the high level of negativism made me
> feel that I was mistakenly following some kind of Christian fundamentalist
> thread. Gloom and doom under a red banner. Again, excuse me, but where is
> hope, where is humanism, where is progress?
> Is there anything that works?

Looking at the truth squarely, presenting facts instead of innuendo - might
work, instead of hiding behind a supposed "optimism" that you yourself don't
really demonstrate, except to posit some unsubstantiated hope in "progress"
as though progress is self evident historically.
> In the trenches were I operate -- that is, for the most part of my time,
Swans -

Trenches?  And what might your battle scars be?  A severe case of carpul
tunnel, perhaps.

> - I attempt to bring a message out, not to the already convinced crowd but
> the unconvinced one. I attempt to avoid 'labels,' or slogans if you will,
> more often than not make people close their minds (I indeed do not find
> 'labels' very useful

Except, of course, to label people pessimists who don't share your views
while you take cheap shots at them.

> The power to dream and to invent was the intended message in my post.

I'm gonna take a nap right now and invent a solution to the problems of the
world in my dreams.
> As Lou explained, we are witnessing genocides right now, right under our
> nose. How many people die every year of hunger (is it 14 million)? 34
> are facing famine in south eastern Africa as I write those words. About 2
> billion people do not have clean water. The list is long.
This is the point, isn't it.  Someone IS deciding the fate of millions of
people on a daily basis, while the nobler types, like yourself, sit back and
pass judgment from the comfort and obscurity of your home computer.

> I enjoy and appreciate Marxmail tremendously. I am evidently not as well
> politically educated than most of its members

Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even if they admit they
don't really know what they're talking about.


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