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Sun Dec 8 09:47:03 MST 2002

>We should carry Packer's article around with us and pull it out at the
>appropriate occasion, and tell the moderate sectarians: "You are talking
>about how NION, ANSWER, the ISO, etc., have to be ousted or circumvented in
>order to build a 'broad movement'.  By 'broad movement' you mean a movement
>that includes bourgeois liberal leaders.
>Lou Paulsen
>member, WWP, Chicago

But by definition the AFL-CIO leadership is bourgeois liberal. We have to
find a way to involve these types of people, including John Sweeny who is
by no means on board the war machine. You also have to recognize that the
problem facing ANSWER and NION is not whether a coalition can be built with
the likes of David Corn, who is nominally against the war. It is rather how
to build an effective coalition with the wide range of organizations and
individuals who have far wider appeal than Ramsey Clark or some of the
constituent groups of ANSWER. I strongly suspect that if this crisis turns
out to be deep-going and long-lasting, initiatives will be mounted and
likely to be effective that supersede the tightly-controlled "united front
from below" formations that WWP favors. My guess is that if a movement of
substance takes root in the USA, it will look a lot like the one that has
been formed in Great Britain. Also, there are a wide range of liberal
ideologists (as opposed to trade union leaders and politicians) who are
fiercely opposed to Bush's war. For example, Harpers Magazine has been
lashing out at the "war on terror" ever since 9/11. The editor Louis Lapham
is a lot like other patrician anti-interventionists such as Gore Vidal.
They have seen through the human rights rhetoric of the Bush administration
and their hangers-on and will have none of it.

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