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Marx in the first volume of Kapital, pages 91-92 in
the Chicago edition (Charles H. Kerr, Co., 1906):
»»Those ancient social organisms of production are, as
compared with bourgeois society, extremely simple and
transparent. But they are founded either on the
immature development of man individually, who has not
yet severed the umbilical cord that united him with
his fellow man in a primitive tribal community, or
upon direct relations of subjection. They can arise
and exist only when the development of the productive
power of labor has not risen beyond a low state, and
when, therefore, the social relations within the
sphere of material life, between man and man, and
between man and nature, are correspondingly narrow.
This narrowness is reflected in the ancient worship of
Nature, and in the other elements of popular
religions. The religious reflex of the real world can,
in any case, only then finally vanish when the
practical relations of everyday life offer to man none
but perfectly intelligible and reasonable relations
with regard to his fellow men and to nature. The
life-process of material production does not strip off
its mystical veil until it is treated as production by
freely associated men, and is consciously regulated by
them in accordance with a settled plan. This, however,
demands for society a certain material groundwork or
set of conditions of existence which in their turn are
the spontaneous product of a long and painful process
of development.««

"Man first begins to philosophize when the necessitites of life are supplied."  Aristotle

"determinatio est negatio"  Spinoza

"There are no ordinary cats."  Colette

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