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Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Sun Dec 8 20:43:22 MST 2002

People should read Mar'k's response to me and then this. Quoting is boring.

1. Runaway warming is simply not, not, I repeat NOT accepted by anyone I'm
aware of who is professionally involved in studying climate change. That
Stephen Hawkings may have been hyperbolic in some comments to the press is
one thing; for the left to exercise the same degree of license is another.
The example you cite from 250 million years ago is NOT "runaway" greenhouse
but bounded greenhouse.

The growing scientific opinion of the danger of climate flipping, and not
"just" warming, presents a catastrophic enough scenario to justify kyoto and
much else besides. This has the great advantage of being thoroughly grounded
in the best current scientific work being done.

In addressing these subjects as socialists, we should hew scrupulously to
the current state of scientific knowlege.

2. I agree with you entirely that we ought not to go "nuts". Going nuts is
precisely the message I, at any rate, received from your ultimatistic stuff
re. Europe, Ice Ages and so on.


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