Free Roger Calero! INS holds editor of "Perspectiva Mundial"

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CubaNews has often sent out articles
by Roger Calero, an editor of Perspectiva Mundial, that appeared in The
Militant. I was certainly looking forward to seeing his reports on the
Guadalajara conference. His illegal seizure and the threat to illegally
deport him represent a new escalation of the government's war against
democratic rights at home.  The fight to free Calero  is one which everyone
supports democratic and immigrants rights can and must support
Fred Feldman

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[The following fact sheet from the Political Rights Defense
Fund describes an emegency national campaign to free Roger
Calero, associate editor of Perspectiva Mundial, from INS
detention in Houston, where he was seized on December 3 and
now faces potential deportation, pending a hearing.

He is currently being held without bail.

Calero is a U.S. legal resident from Nicaragua. He was both
a correspondent at and participant in the 16th Congress of
Latin American Students (CLAE) which concluded in
Guadalajara on December 2. Many in the Los Angeles
delegation to that congress got to know him there.

We urge you to read the fact sheet, send a protest message
to the Houston INS, and contribute to the Political Rights
Defense Fund.

This blatant attack on immigrant and democratic rights must
be answered with the broadest solidarity. An injury to one
is an injury to all!

Los Angeles Coalition in Solidarity with Cuba/310.419.2983,



On December 3, Roger Calero, the associate editor of
Perspectiva Mundial, a Spanish-language news magazine
published in New York, was returning home to the United
States from a reporting assignment in Havana, Cuba, and
Guadalajara, Mexico.

At Houston International Airport, Calero was seized by the
Immigration and Naturalization Service, told he was denied
entry to the United States, and carted off to an INS jail.
He now faces exclusion from this country.

Calero has lived in the United States for the past 17 years
and has held permanent residence since 1990. Besides his
position as an editor of Perspectiva Mundial, Calero works
as a staff writer for the Militant, a New York-based
newsweekly. As a reporter he has traveled widely, both in
this country and in Latin America, covering labor and
political events.

This attempt by the INS to exclude Calero from the United
States and deport him to Nicaragua is an attack on his
rights as a permanent resident, on his right to exercise his
work as a journalist, and on the rights of all.

Calero and his supporters have launched a public campaign to
win his release and the restoration of his rights. Your help
is needed. Join the fight!

* December 3 - INS detention - The INS seized Calero on
December 3 at Houston International Airport. Calero was on a
one-week assignment for Perspectiva Mundial to report on an
international conference in Havana on the Free Trade Area of
the Americas, attended by trade unionists and other
delegates from Latin America, the United States, and Canada.

He then spent several days covering an international student
conference in Guadalajara, Mexico, sponsored by the
Continental Organization of Latin American and Caribbean
students. In Houston, Calero was detained and then
transferred to an immigration jail run by a private company,
the Corrections Corporation of America.

* Charges against Calero - The immigration cops are seeking
to "exclude" him--deny Calero re-entry into the United
States--and deport him to his native Nicaragua, based on a
1988 conviction, when he was a high school student in Los
Angeles, on a charge of selling marijuana to an undercover
cop. Faced with the prospect of jail, Calero copped a plea
and received a suspended 60-day sentence with three years

* Permanent resident for 12 years - When Calero applied for
permanent residency in 1989 he specifically included
information about his conviction, which immigration
officials waived in order to grant him a green card giving
him the right to live and work in the United States. In 2000
the INS replaced his card with full written information of
the 12-year-old conviction. Today, Calero, who is married to
a U.S. citizen, lives in Newark, New Jersey.

* Exercising his right to work as a journalist - For the
past 12 years Calero has exercised his rights as a permanent
resident, including most recently as a journalist for the
Spanish-language magazine Perspectiva Mundial. INS officials
are now trying to take away those rights.

Prior to beginning his job as associate editor of
Perspectiva Mundial and staff writer for the Militant,
Calero worked as a meat packer in Des Moines, Iowa, and
then in Twin Cities, Minnesota, where he participated in a
successful union-organizing drive at the Dakota Premium
Foods plant in South St. Paul. He is continuing his work as
a journalist from his prison cell in Texas.

* Action is needed now! You can help! - Calero is fighting
today to win his freedom on bond from an INS prison and for
an immediate halt to government exclusion proceedings
against him. He has retained an attorney and is appealing
for public support to press the INS to restore his rights
and his freedom.

- Send a letter of protest to Hipolito Acosta, District
Director, Immigration and Naturalization Service, 126
Northpoint Drive, Houston, TX, 77060; tel: 281-774-4610.

Please send copies to Calero's magazine, Perspectiva
Mundial, 410 West Street, New York, New York 10014.

- Sign and distribute petitions demanding justice for Roger

- Make a financial contribution to help cover rapidly
mounting legal and other expenses.

Checks can be written out to the
Political Rights Defense Fund
P.O. Box 761
Church St. Station
New York, NY 10007
Contributions are tax-deductible.
Clip and mail to:
Perspectiva Mundial
410 West St., New York, NY 10014

____ I support the campaign to
demand the INS free Roger Calero now.

____ I have sent a contribution to help
cover the costs of this fight for justice.

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