Indian gambling casinos

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Dec 9 07:21:48 MST 2002

(Time Magazine has a cover story on Indian gambling casinos this week.
While it contains useful information on how poor Indians are gaining
nothing, I suspect the real purpose of the article is to tarnish the
image of indigenous America as a corrupt internal 3rd world colony upon
which all assistance would be wasted.)

Imagine, if you will, Congress passing a bill to make Indian tribes more
self-sufficient that gives billions of dollars to the white backers of
Indian businesses—and nothing to hundreds of thousands of Native
Americans living in poverty. Or a bill that gives hundreds of millions
of dollars to one Indian tribe with a few dozen members—and not a penny
to a tribe with hundreds of thousands of members. Or a bill that allows
select Indian tribes to create businesses that reap millions of dollars
in profits and pay no federal income tax—at the same time that the
tribes collect millions in aid from American taxpayers. Can't imagine
Congress passing such a bill? It did. Here's how it happened—and what it


THE WHITE MAN WINS AGAIN. While most Indians continue to live in
poverty, many non-Indian investors are extracting hundreds of millions
of dollars—sometimes in violation of legal limits—from casinos they
helped establish, either by taking advantage of regulatory loopholes or
cutting backroom deals. More than 90% of the contracts between tribes
and outside gaming-management companies operate with no oversight. That
means investors' identities are often secret, as are their financial
arrangements and their share of the revenue. Whatever else Congress had
in mind when it passed the regulatory act, presumably the idea was not
to line the pockets of a Malaysian gambling magnate, a South African
millionaire or a Minnesota leather-apparel king.



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