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Mark Jones markjones011 at
Tue Dec 10 01:18:17 MST 2002

Jose G. Perez wrote:
> On a more practical level, the kinds of climate changes discussed
> as "global
> warming" do not in the slightest preclude the survival of the
> human species,
> or even the survival of some sort of civilization derived from the current
> one. The kind of change that involves oceans boiling away categorically
> precludes the existence of virtually all life as we know it,
> never mind the
> human species or civilization. The difference between the two scenarios is
> qualitative.
> As for your theses of 5-10 degrees change/generation for several
> generations, I am unfamiliar with any scientific literature that supports
> this theses

But the IPCC statements and the whole debate about globale warming is about
just this kind of hypothesis. Of course, 'runaway warming' is the most
extreme and dramatic variant and it has been and is very widely discussed by
cliamtologists and paleoclimatologists. The most likely scenario absent
runaway warming is a temperature increase of 4-10 degrees. The upper bound
would not only prejudice uman civilisation, it would lead to a loss of up to
90% of all species. The dangers are huge, and it is extraordinary blindness
to ignore them. In fact, it is the policy of the Bush regime.


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