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Tue Dec 10 07:33:04 MST 2002

Mark wrote:

"Domhnall sent me this desrved riposte.

 > After the Norman Conquest, English (then the only written
 > vernacular in Europe) had been in danger of extinction.
 >Irish has been a widely written language since the 9th Century.

I'm glad he pointed this stupidity out to me, which Melvyn Bragg uttered
and I foolishly repeated. Welsh, also of course, was a written tongue.
Bragg's chuavinist history of the English language completely ignored
the Celtic fringe, of course. Thanks, Domhnall."


This Bragg is a Bragging racist. Not only Irish, but also Spanish can be
traced back to written monuments dating back to the 9th or 10th Century.
And, why not considering the mozárabe literature in al-Andalus as a
"vernacular" literature. Mozárabe was Spanish, high poetry and all,
written in Arabic script.

While the forefathers of Bragg were still roaming, stone axe in their
hand, through the dark bogs and woodlands of Britain, Western culture
was kept alive and enhanced in sunny al-Andalus. Plato and (specially)
Aristotle, among others, were thus passed on from Antiquity to
modernity. Even a sepoy worshipper of British superiority such as Jorge
Luis Borges explained this.

And as regards poetry, the epical poem Cantar del Mío Cid dates back to
the 12th Century, and it is expressive of a long seated written
vernacular culture. Maybe some French cde. can also add the experience
of Languedoc, and so on. Wonderful as he is, Chaucer is a latecomer to

It is eerie to see these propagandists of Anglo Saxon superiority
relapsing in the tenets that were already discredited by 1900!!!!!!!

Hugs, N.


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